8. jul, 2015

Never Any Sympathy For The Wild Ones

I met Holly Woodlawn in 2003 during the Gay & Lesbian Filmfestival in Amsterdam, where she attended the screening of 'Trash'. The place was filled with drag queens and nobody really noticed Holly sitting quietly on the steps in a corner. I approached her, said I hoped I wasn't disturbing her, which she answered with ''Oh no darling, I'm not doing anything else!'' and asked if she wanted to sign my copy of her autobiography 'My Low Life In High Heels' and a poster of 'Trash'. She was really surprised I asked her for an autograph and that I had read her book. Sad to hear that she's dying, and glad that steps are being taken by her good friend Penny Arcade, who started a fundraising campaign to take care of Holly's medical bills. Never belonged to the mainstream, a true underground legend who lived her life unapologetically. I wish I could be more like that.

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10.01 | 09:55

Wally zat destijds in de Dienst NoodOpvang (DNO) en wilde op deze manier aan een baan komen.

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