18. jul, 2014

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I am fascinated by the Kardashians. Their, as I would like to call it, ' heightened ' reality tv-show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is strangely addicting. I sometimes get caught up in it, and then I can't stop watching. Guilty pleasure? Well, I don't feel guilty about it. They get a lot of criticism for ' just being famous.' And even if you don't like the Kardashians, you have to give them credit for the fact that they are smart business women, who know their audience really well. It's about selling a lifestyle and how to market oneself. Watch and learn wannabe entrepreneurs! But I think the show is so succesful, because it's about family dynamics and that's always interesting to watch. And they have the same struggles as we normal people do. They go through divorces, experience loss, get arrested, you name it. The only difference is that they have more money than most of us. But, you know, they give money to charity, so don't whine about it people! For me the Kardashians have become synonymous with pop culture, which is so brilliantly shown in the photographs David LaChapelle took of them. LaChapelle called it ' a pop culture apocalypse ' himself, and I couldn't agree more.

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