11. nov, 2014

Spare Time

People feel that they are 'busier' than ever
They complain that they
Don't have enough spare time
I wonder how
The generations before us
Dealt with this particular problem
They worked longer hours
They had larger families
Did they also complain
About a lack of spare time?
Life now seems
More rushed than ever
The busier you are
The more important you seem
Therefore busyness
Has acquired social status
In this ''winner take all' society
You have to make sure
You're on the winning side
So you have to outstay
Your rivals at the office
The spare time we have
Is spent on
Increasingly passive, solitary
And expensive pursuits
We still believe
That more wealth is the answer
But it will not turn out that way
Let's just re-examine
This belief
But the problem is
That we don't have the time for it

Miranda Ruiter

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10.01 | 09:55

Wally zat destijds in de Dienst NoodOpvang (DNO) en wilde op deze manier aan een baan komen.

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