17. apr, 2015

Schlock Zone At The Drive-In: Mark Of The Devil I & II

Mark of the Devil is a West-German horror film released in 1970, and in 1973 the sequel was made. Plot Outline for Part I: A witchfinder's general use of torture disgusts his helper in 18th century Austria. Part II: Fanatical witch hunters torment a countess, nuns and other innocent female victims. It is most remembered for it's US marketing slogans devised by Hallmark Releasing Corp. that included ''Positively the most horrifying film ever made'' and ''Rated V for Violence'', while sick bags were given free to the audience upon admission. Criticized by many reviewers for being too violent to contain any message and far too exploitative whilst dealing with a serious historical subject, this is obviously Exploitation Cinema at it's finest and great drive-in fare!

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10.01 | 09:55

Wally zat destijds in de Dienst NoodOpvang (DNO) en wilde op deze manier aan een baan komen.

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